Bosch 30″ Gas Cooktop NGM8065UC

$1,299.99 $1,149.99

Engineered to perform precisely, Bosch gas cooktops offer burners with high heat and low simmer options for optimal cooking flexibility. From the sleek European design of our easy-to-clean grates, to the quality of our die-cast metal knobs, Bosch gas cooktops are a premium upgrade for any kitchen. The NGM8065UC is the first 30″ cooktop to market with 5 burners.


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Enjoy creating a wide variety of dishes for family and friends with this versatile 30-inch Bosch 800 Series gas cooktop. High-heat burners deliver the power for searing, while a separate low-output burner offers gentle simmering. It’s designed to contain spills and fit in limited spaces with five burners in a compact 30″ format.

  • Distinctive Red LED light Indicates Burners are On and the heavy-duty metal knobs have a Premium Look and Feel
  • Automatic Electronic Re-Ignition –In Case Flame Goes Out, the Burner is Automatically Re-Ignited
  • Getting an extra hot pan is essential for perfect searing. The Bosch cooktop features a powerful 18,000 BTU center burner for perfect sizzle. And boil water for pasta faster than ever
  • Five Burner 30 inch – Cooktop–Same Versatility of 36 inch – Cooktop in Compact 30 inch – Format. For Kitchens Where Space is Limited
  • Centralized Controls for Easy Use and Intuitive Operation of the Cooktop
  • Continuous grates on every Bosch gas cooktop make moving heavy pots easy, while seamless, one-piece stainless steel design makes clean-up simple
  • Five burners offer additional capacity to prepare more dishes at once
  • Front Left : 9,100 BTU Back Left 5,500BTU Mid Back 18,000 BTU Back Right 9,100 BTU, Front Right 5,500 BTU
  • Sealed Burners Prevent Spills from Entering the Burner Box


Brand: Bosch

  • Model: NGM8065UC
  • Color: Black
  • Cooking surface type: Gas
  • Control type: Metal Knobs
  • Ignition type: Electronic
  • Burner type: Sealed
  • Grates color: Black
  • Propane conversion kit: Included
  • Height: 3 13/16″
  • Width: 31
  • Depth: 21 1/4
  • Front left power: 9100 B.T.U
  • Front right power: 5500 B.T.U
  • Center power: 18,000 BTU
  • Back Left power:5500 BTU
  • Back right power: 9100 B.T.U
  • Power supply type: Gas and electric 120V
  • Gas type: Natural
  • Cutout Width: 28 15/16″
  • Cutout Depth: 19 1/8″
  • Warranty: 12 months