Bosch Dishwasher SHXM98W75N

$2,299.99 $2,049.99

Bosch 800 Series SHXM98W75N Built-In Undercounter Dishwasher, 24″ Exterior Width, 6 Wash Cycles, Stainless Steel (Interior), 3 Loading Racks, Fully Integrated, 16 Capacity (Place Settings), 39 dB, Stainless Steel


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Bosch dishwashers incorporate 18 unique sound-reducing technologies, to make Bosch the quietest dishwasher brand in North America.

If you are looking for a silent dishwasher with great features and endless racking possibilities, look no further. This particular model features Bosch’s new innovative MyWay 3rd Rack. This Bosch dishwasher features a towel bar handle that blends seamlessly into most kitchen designs. The controls are hidden into the top lip of the dishwasher door, removing unsightly electronics from the front panel. The effect is a sleek polished finish that has the added benefit of preventing little kids, or an accidental bump, from starting or stopping a wash cycle. And since the controls are hidden, Bosch has cleverly added an InfoLight that shines on the floor to let you know when the dishwasher is running. What has changed in the new 800 series Bosch dishwashers? In 2017 Bosch updated this series with its flexible 3rd rack which allows you to place deeper items. Also, Bosch listened to its customers and introduced the easy glide upper rack along with more flexible tines. New 800 series are typically rated at 42 dB compared to their 2016 and before siblings at 44 dB. This premium model is an exception at a 39dB performance. Simply amazing. What additional features do I gain on the Bosch 800 series vs. the 500 series? First of all the extra 2dB quietness. However, this particular model takes the 800 series to a new level of quiet at 39 dB so net gain of 5 dB over the 500 series. Also, you will notice responsive touch control buttons on the 800 series models. You will also pick up an extra cycle best for delicate dishes and glasses. The Eco cycle lowers temperature and cycle length to decrease energy usage.



MyWay Third Rack
MyWay gives you the industry’s largest 3rd rack loading capacity. The unique v-shape of the rack provides the perfect space for large utensils and ramekins in the center, while providing space for wine glasses on the sides on the middle rack.

Bosch dishwashers are so quiet, you may forget they’re on. InfoLight® projects a red light onto the floor during the wash cycle that turns off when dishes are ready.

RackMatic® system adjusts top rack in just one step, even when loaded. It also adjusts to three different heights and allows for up to 9 rack positions for ultimate loading flexibility.

Ultra Quiet Operation
When noise reduction is important. With Super silence, a combination of sound-reducing material and our DirectDrive™ Motor, you’ll experience very low noise output at 42 dBa. It’s one of the quietest dishwashers in the industry.

HalfLoad option
Sometimes you can’t wait for the dishwasher to be full before you need to clean your dishes. With the HalfLoad option this is not a problem because it is an ideal cycle for washing fewer dishes. That’s how you do not only save water but also save time.

The load weight is detected by a rotary speed sensor which recognizes the water level. For bigger loads, more water is needed to soak the dishes and the water level decreases. In that case more water is added. For smaller loads, less water is needed for rinsing. The load sensor provides for optimal water usage even for half loads or partial loads, saving water and electricity.

EasyGlide rack system
The EasyGlide rack system provides a smooth glide for easier loading and unloading on the upper rack



  • Brand: Bosch
  • Model: SHXM98W75N
  • Type: Built-in
  • Interior tub: Stainless steel
  • Control type: Digital
  • Control location: Front
  • Wash cycles/programs: 6 programs & 5 options
  • Number of jets: 3
  • Rinse aid dispenser: Yes
  • Decibel level: 39
  • Number of baskets: 3
  • adjustable basket: Yes
  • Place settings: 16
  • Energy Star certified: Yes – 269 kwh
  • Width: 23 9/16 in
  • Height: 33 7/8 in
  • Depth: 23 3/4 in
  • Warranty: 12 months