Kitchenaid Induction Slide-In Range KSIB900ESS

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KitchenAid KSIB900ESS Range, Electric Range, 30 inch, Self Clean, Convection, 4 Burners, Induction Elements, Oven Drawer, 7.1 cubic ft, Slide In, Stainless Steel

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KitchenAid® 30-Inch Induction Convection Slide-In Range

This versatile induction range provides a Baking Drawer that adds more options to the oven. The separate compartment allows you to bake at a different temperature. This range allows you to achieve flawless cooking results thanks to Even-Heat™ True Convection. The unique bow-tie design and convection fan ensure the entire oven is heated to, and stays at, the perfect temperature. It also has a Wireless Probe that displays internal food temperatures even away form the kitchen.

Induction Cooking Elements
Ranges with induction elements offer quick, efficient response similar to gas burners. By using electromagnetic energy to generate instant heat directly to your cookware, you are able to rapidly boil water and get more precise results.

Baking drawer
Adds more cooking options to the oven. The separate compartment allows you to keep warm, slow cook or bake at a different temperature and keep dishes.

Even-Heat™ True Convection
Produces flawless results. The unique bow-tie design and convection fan ensure the inside of the entire oven is heated to, and stays at, the perfect temperature.

Wireless Probe
Lets cooks walk away from the oven without walking away from control. Our probe can easily be set to specific temperatures, and alerts you when the desired temperature has been reached. The easy-to-read monitor lets you attend to the rest of the meal, or anything else.

4 induction elements with a Bridge Zone
Provides four induction cooking surfaces that allow you to do more on your range. It features two 7 inch cooking zones with a bridge element that combines them into one large surface. The range also has a 6 and 11 inch cooking zone.

Cleans your oven in less than an hour without odours and at a temperature below 200°F. This innovative system combines low heat with water to release baked-on spills.

Steam Rack
Offers the ability to provide additional moisture to the inside of the oven, enhancing cooking results.

7.1 cu ft total capacity
This electric slide-in range provide an extra-large cooking capacity in the oven for multiple dishes at once and gives you the flexibility of a separate temperature zone in the baking drawer.

EasyConvect™ Conversion System
Takes guesswork out of convection cooking by ensuring you can get exceptional results when experimenting with new or familiar recipes.

Glass Touch Controls
Offer an intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen experience.

  • Brand: KitchenAid
  • Model: KSIB900ESS
  • Range type: Slide-in
  • Side panel included: Yes
  • Color: Stainless steel
  • Cooking surface type: Induction
  • Control type: Touch sensor
  • Control location: On top
  • Hot surface indicator light: Yes
  • Capacity: 7.1 cu ft
  • Control type: Tactile
  • Type of window: Large
  • Self-cleaning: Yes
  • Convection: Real convection
  • Number of grids (total): 3
  • Number of grids (total): 1
  • Warming drawer: Yes
  • Front left size: 7 inches
  • Front left power: 2500 watts
  • Back left size: 7 inches
  • Rear left power: 2500 watts
  • Front right size: 11 inches
  • Front right power: 3600 watts
  • Back right size: 6 inches
  • Rear right power: 1800 watts
  • Bridge: Yes
  • Power supply type: Electric
  • Height: 36 in
  • Depth: 28.874 in
  • Warranty: 12 months


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