Samsung 30″ Gas Cooktop NA30K7750TS

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Samsung NA30K7750TS Cooktop, Gas Cooktop, 30 inch, Wi-Fi connectivity, 5 Burners, Stainless Steel

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30″ Built-In Gas Cooktop With Wifi Monitoring, Back Lit Knobs, Cast Iron Grates, Aluminum Griddle, 5 Cooking Zones, Dual Burner, Simmer Setting, Stainless Steel trim & Knobs. Stainless Steel.




Powerful heat with precise control
A high power, 22 K Dual Burner provides powerful heat and precise control — quickly going from a high heat to a true simmer for intense and even cooking, or turn it right up to boil water in a flash and cook food faster. The Power Boost function can reduce cooking times with an extra boost of heat.

Remote & convenient cooktop monitoring
Wi-Fi Connectivity maximizes safety and offers peace of mind by letting you remotely monitor the cooktop at any time using a smartphone app, while setting the cooking timer and receiving alerts when it finishes. Available on iOS and Android devices. A Wi-Fi connection is required.  When installing a downdraft hood, maintain a 40 mm gap between the hood and the rear of the cooktop frame or detach the Wi-Fi module before installation.

One-touch control of both cooktop & hood
Automatically syncs the fan and the lights with the burners through Bluetooth. Auto Connectivity* aligns the hood and cooktop’s status so you can control the hood using the one-touch control of the cooktop, instantly turning them both ‘On’ or ‘Off’, for the ultimate in cooking convenience.* Only available when used in combination with a Samsung hood.

Convenient and precise burner control
With the brilliant and intuitive Illuminated Knob you can easily check whether you have left the cooktop on even from a distance. Large, ergonomic metallic knobs also enable simple and precise temperature control.

Enjoy grilled food
Included heavy-duty cast iron griddle with a wide surface is ideal for quickly and evenly sizzling, searing and sautéing. With stainless steel handles on both sides, it’s easy to move and looks stylish.

Improved flexibility & space efficiency
Hexagon Grates enable a superior cooking performance by conducting heat efficiently.

Stir-fry without tipping
A specially designed Wok Grate lets you cook more efficiently and more safely. Its circular design fits snugly around the burner, so your wok or large pans are kept stable and heat is quickly and evenly distributed.

Simmer & keep food warm without burning
A Precise 5 K BTU Simmer Burner ensures the cooking temperature stays low. With precise control it provides optimum conditions for gently simmering, melting or keeping delicate food warm without it burning.

Heats food evenly & stays cleaner
Equipped with Sealed Cooktop Burners, which incorporate a protective cap that evenly distributes the heat and prevents liquids and food from spilling over the burner, so they stay clean and easy to maintain.

Stylishly compatible with built-in ovens
Fully compatible with Samsung Built-in Ovens to create a sleek and stylish combination, creating the ideal kitchen. These sleek and contemporary designs, plus sophisticated technology make it easy to manage kitchen tasks, even for ambitious cooks.

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: NA30K7750TS
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Cooking surface type: Gas
  • Control type: Knobs
  • Control location: On top
  • Burner type: Sealed
  • Grates color: Black
  • Front left power: 9500 B.T.U
  • Rear left power: 9500 B.T.U
  • Front right power: 13000 B.T.U
  • Back right power: 5000 B.T.U
  • Power supply type: Gas
  • Width: 30 in
  • Height: 5.65 in
  • Depth: 22.34 in